New Cache Mass Submission Script

I enjoy hiding and submitting caches for, a modern day scavenger hunt type game using GPS devices. I also enjoy hiding large series and counts of caches and going through the step by step process in submitting a cache is a time consuming process at times. So I looked to ease that process upon myself by creating this automated script that takes a templated input file and then processes it and fills out the web form repeatedly until all items have been submitted. It has a basic swing UI to gather the basic information needed for user friendly and then uses Selenium to automate the web browser

Are You A Cache Hider:
Feel free to download and use yourself. There is likely a number of bugs in the program so I’m calling it an Alpha release V0.1. There is a contact form below so feel free to submit any issues you experience. Also if you want emails of updates when new versions come out CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

Java, Selenium – Browser Automation

WARNING (REALIZED January 2nd, 2018): has updated their cache submission pages, and although I haven’t tested, I can tell that this tool will most likely not work

Download Link:
MassNewCacheCreation.zipIssue fixed and updated script and documentation. V0.3
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Download includes all needed files and an instruction document and template.
Template: GeoImportTemplate.xlsx

Future Road Map

  • -Support for Multi Caches with unlimited stages
  • -Support for additional waypoints, i.e. Parking
  • -Add 1 page form for new caches vs GC’s multi page form
  • -Form validation, i.e. Making sure excel document was filled out correctly
  • -Improve error checking and feedback
  • -If one cache in the middle fails, allow to continue to next cache and provide report
  • -Make other browsers compatible, i.e. FireFox, IE, and Safari
  • -Anything suggested by you???

Date Created:
Summer 2016

Updated V0.3:
Aug 8th, 2017:

  • Made fix to issue of not looping through additional lines after the first when you are not submitting for reviewer.
  • Updated documentation, making user download ChromeDriver as updates happen both to Chrome Browser and Chrome Driver, when that happens the uploader won’t work

Support Development


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