Currently I am an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Developer at WPS Health Solutions creating RPA solutions across multiple divisions of the company working to simplify and automate various processes within the company saving time and money.

Previously I was a Software Developer at Mercury Marine as part of the Project Lifecycle Management, PLM, team. As a member of the team I’ve been involved with developing websites in Coldfusion, ASP.NET, and PHP to creating scripts to being involved with Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, and Migrations with Siemans Teamcenter, a PDM system.

In my free time I enjoy spending time outside with my wife and our dog in the local woods and parks. But I am also into high adventures and enjoy doing High Altitude Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Backpacking, spending time on my sailboat(once I get it fixed after sinking it… opps), and going Geocaching and Munzeeing during all the above. I avidly enjoy being in the outdoors and enjoy giving back by being a trail volunteer with the Ice Age Trail.

I also enjoy exploring various technical skills in my free time as well. I help both our church and the Wisconsin Geocaching Association with their websites as a technical admin and support. I also have many different ideas with personal projects that I want to try and develop that also help me explore new technologies I might not know. You can find some of those projects on my portfolio. I have also started to mess around with arduinos during the start of 2018.

If I haven’t answered any of your question here or anywhere else on my website, curious about more information I’ve shared, or just want to say HI! Please reach out to me by Clicking Here!