Chris Stolte

Solving Problems

Programming == Solving Problems

I’ve shared numerous times with my friends that I hate computers! Which then their response always is, “but you work with computers?!” …Which is true. I hate computers for how slow they can be (I’m always faster then it), I hate computers for how they have impacted the way we interact with each other on a face to face level, I hate how we depend on them all the time and no longer know how to do things when systems go down. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the benefits from them and the positive impacts we have from them. But I enjoy working with computers to solve problems.

That’s what we as programmers do all day, solve peoples problems. Problems can be trying to organize data, make a process more efficient, or to help with the boredom during your free time, and we are creating the software to help fix those problems.

I always enjoy helping others out so probably one reason I enjoy programming. With some of my own projects I saw a problem and decided to find a solution for that. With my movie collections site, I was having problems tracking who had my movies and people always asking what movies I have in my collection, and that site was my solution. My most recent project, Mass New Cache Creation utility, problem was it took so long filling out a multi-page form when hiding a new series of large number of caches; so I created a script to read an excel which I can copy and paste for multiple fields and then have it fill out the form for me.

So yes I may hate computers but I enjoy helping people and my gifts and talents happen to be with technology and that’s why I enjoy programming.

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